VIP Clubbing

Our partnership with venues helps us to deliver the best VIP Clubbing services for Hollywood Clubs, VIP Access to LA Clubs, Los Angeles Nightlife and Los Angeles Events and an over all VIP experience in nightlife management. No other company delivers a total VIP clubbing package that include VIP walk in services, limousine transportation, executive protection, and image services to help you prepare for both a low key and special night on the town and enjoy the ride.

We’re inviting guests, particularly females (ladies first!) to apply for our complimentary membership card. Due to demand we’ll be unable to accept every application. All applications will be reviewed by our membership committee and successful applicants will be notified by email.

Become a Member and you’ll become part of the ACE Hollywood network with access to Los Angeles finest bars, restaurants, clubs, shows, theatres, parties, premier calendar events, and most significantly of all – like minded people.

VIP Clubbing

The ACE Hollywood membership card is your key to a world of unprecedented privileges and preferential treatment:-

-Complimentary entry to all our weekly nights & events
-Complimentary entry for at least two accompanying guests
Some complimentary & discounted tickets for special events
-Complimentary & Fast Entry at ACE Hollywood weekly events
-Discounted bottle service
-Preferential terms for venue hire and event planning bookings
-Private, unadvertised party access
-Launch & Award parties invites
-Priority bookings & concierge service
-Strictly members’ only events
-Theatre, restaurant, cinema & gallery offers
-Special product offers & discounts
-Round the clock dedicated membership secretary

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In these difficult times, we’re proud to be offering such complimentary benefits to our loyal following of many years. We would like to think the ACE Hollywood membership card will become a valuable addition to your purse/wallet & your lifestyle.

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