Villa Lounge

Want to be up-close and personal with stars and rub shoulders with celebrities, all you have to do is step in the Villa Lounge. The comfortable and chic setting create a relaxing ambiance. Decor is punctuated with class and elegance and truly matches the Hollywood aura. Extensive library with the wooden showcase adds a vintage touch to the place. V.I.P lounge hosts parties for the likes of Justin Timberlake and Queen Latifah. You can also plan a grand bash or a private event at this lounge. Do visit this city hot-spot and glam up your evening.

Well folks we are in a difficult spot here… we can tell you about Villa Lounge but unless you are willing to spend a ton of money on a reservation or happen to be best friends with the celebrity next to you, getting in this place is going to be a challenge. When a place has retractable curtains to shield celebrities while arriving to the club the everyday folk are in trouble. We recommend trying this place during the week and we definitely recommend setting something up before you arrive.

Villa Lounge just opened December 08 and for a bit of history was West Hollywood’s first prohibition-era drinking establishment. Known as Sloan’ and most-recently as Monroe’s, the West Hollywood space features a Spanish-style stucco facade attached to a tranquil strip of trendy stores next to the Pacific Design Center. The interior bar has been completely gutted and features a dark and mysterious central bar area surrounded by loft-level library lounge and sectional couches. There is even a bed-shaped stage area surrounded for impromtu performances by pop stars and celebrity DJs. Recently the club opened a separate super-star entrance with retractable curtains that shield celebrities like Leonardo DiCarpio while arriving to the club.

Since it opened in, Villa Lounge has become the place to see and be seen in Los Angeles. Of course, unless you’ve been invited by the owners, the only thing you’ll be seeing is invited guests. From the curb. And don’t even try to fool anyone by rolling up in a rented Royce. They won’t valet your car unless the doorman allows it. Doesn’t it make you wish you were a doorman? Read on for the abundance of celeb party-goers and their mishaps.

Didn’t get into Hyde? You should probably worry because you ain’t getting into Villa Lounge. However, the lucky few that did get invites to the grand opening showed up in true celeb style opening night – with there faces exposed and ready to be photographed. Guests included Matthew Perry, Paris Hilton, Wesley Snipes, Avril Lavigne, Orlando Bloom and Leo DiCaprio.

Try to avoid weekends unless you have a famous face, $500 to spare or in the entourage of someone box-office worthy. Otherwise except a lengthy line at the door that begins to resemble a lynch mob around midnight.

Villa Lounge

VILLA LOUNGE: Useful Information

ADDRESS: Villa Lounge
8623 Melrose Avenue & Huntley Drive,
Los Angeles, CA 90069

NEIGHBORHOOD: West Hollywood

Self Parking & Valet within 30 seconds from the door

Guest list, Bottle Service. Strict dress code and ratio policy

HOURS: 10pm – 2am

CROWD: Closed
MUSIC: Closed

Full bar
Accept Credit Cards
Bottle Service
Guest List
Smoking Patio
Seating Area
Dance Floor