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Bachelorette Party

The term bachelorette party is generally used in the United States. In other parts of the world, bachelorette parties have other names. Some of the other names for bachelor parties include stag parties, hen parties, and stag nights in the UK. If you have been saddled with organizing your friends’ bachelorette party then you found the perfect website to help you plan a memorable night.

Bachelorette Parties

If you have a limited budget then consider a Los Angeles Bachelorette Party. For an eventful bachelorette weekend, during the day you can go shopping in Beverly Hills or indulge in some pampering at a local spa. This web page is about creating a memorable nightlife experience for your bachelorette Party in Los Angeles. A rich and diverse nightlife sets LA up for the excitement and fun that bachelorette parties are all about. When its time to indulge in nightlife, Los Angeles offers everything from premium ultra-lounges, to sports bars, and dance clubs. It’s not uncommon for a hot new nightclub to open its doors every week in Los Angeles.

Bachelorette Party Planning

A quiet respectable night in will not make for a memorable bachelorette party. If you are local to Los Angeles, then all you need is a restaurant, transportation, nightclub and maybe some male dancers. If you are not local to Los Angeles then you will definitely need a hotel and a host to take you around town.


Whether it is a whole bachelorette weekend or a one night bachelorette party, you need some party transport. It really does not matter if you do not plan on drinking, there is no such thing as a designated driver for a bachelorette party. The worst idea will be to rely on a taxis or a small town car.

You need a professional chauffeur with a Limousine, Party Bus or A small shuttle van then everybody can have fun. If you dont want to end up stranded or in jail for DUI, make sure you have a professional chauffeur with his own vehicle.

Almost universally, all attendees will split the costs evenly and the bride will not pay a dime. While costs will vary greatly depending on the activities planned and the amount of people, expect that when transportation, bottle service, dancers and entertainment are tallied, each person could typically be out $100-$300. To make sure that everyone’s clear on this, when you call people to invite them or send out the invites, give them a rough idea of how much they’ll be expected to front.

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