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Bottle Service Los Angeles

In Los Angeles, bottle service is ideal to avoid long lines and to guarantee entry. However, in Hollywood, bottle service is the key to avoid the headaches that comes with clubbing. People wait in line for hours outside most clubs in Hollywood, group of guys especially suffer the most. It is a requirement for all groups of more than 3 guys.

ACE Hollywood is the company of choice for corporate clients and large group out to celebrate their birthday party, bachelor party and bachelorette party. Bottle service reservation is a specialty of ACE Hollywood because we are not tied to any nightclub. We know all the special offers available for groups with limited budgets.

What is Bottle Service?

Bottle Service provides you with the opportunity to prepay for your drinks, walk in free & fast into most venues, seat at a reserved table with your friends and usually amongst VIPs. Buying Bottle Service provides you with instant access in to any venue across the world. If you are not invited to a private party at a night club you can usually buy your way inside if Bottle Service is available.

Definition of Bottle Service

Its a feature of many Night Clubs where patrons may purchase entire bottles of liquor for their personal consumption. It a custom exercised at every major city across the world.

Why you need Bottle Service?

It was originally created for an elite crowd that will not wait in line or pay for entry into clubs. Now it is used to control guaranteed access to clubs. If you prepay for your drinks, you can walk in to any clubs even private parties at full capacity.

Bottle Service Sparklers

Sparklers add excitement and festivity to the atmosphere when delivering bottles at night clubs. But they also increase bottle sales quite fast. Taping these inexpensive 4-5 inch long indoor sparklers to champagne and spirit bottles, can create excitement that directly leads to more sales as the bottles and sparklers are paraded across the busy night club dance floor. Night Club managers and promoters have reported a rush of bottle sales for 30-45 minutes after these low-smoke indoor sparklers first create their impact.

At the very best high end night clubs, promoters often spur their clients on and create Bottle Service wars or sometimes referred to as spending wars. The more sparklers are seen, the more the clients try to outspend each other.

Regardless of the night club event, purchasing Bottle Service offers the best nightlife experience to night club patrons looking for a VIP clubbing experience. Additionally, it offers huge diversity in terms of facilities to who can afford it and the experience varies highly from one night club to another. The rise of this service has definitely impacted nightlife in big cities. With the explosion of this concept, most night clubs made it compulsory because of its profitability.

ACE Hollywood brings you fabulous VIP bottle service offers to help create a wonderful nightlife experience in multiple cities. It is a highly demanded service, which ensures you can drastically improve your celebration out on the town.

Bottle Service by ACE Hollywood

Bottle Service by ACE Hollywood

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