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After Hours

After Hours – Its 2am, the last call has come and gone but you and your friends are just getting started. Just because it’s the middle of the night doesn’t mean it’s time for bed. When the party is winding down you need to know where to go next. There is no last call for you when you don’t have to work on Sunday. You are now desperately scrambling trying to find one of these after-hours clubs and shake it ’til the sun comes up.

In Los Angeles, after-hours Clubs refers to a nightclub which is open past the designated 2am curfew to serve alcohol. Such clubs may cease serving alcohol at the designated time, but have special permission to remain open to customers and to sell non-alcoholic sodas and (typically) high-caffeine drinks. However, in some cases, parties can last until wee hours of the morning where secret after-hours clubs in Los Angeles are known to serve people until 6 a.m.

At the time of this article, most are shut down. What is left of the scene are about half a dozen after-hours clubs from Santa Monica to Downtown, serving several hundred die-hards. Some look classy, others look like drug dens, most cater to the 18-and-up crowd. A few however, stay home strictly within the parameters of the law these are clubs in Hollywood like the King King Hollywood and Avalon Hollywood.

Drais is one of the best places to spend your early morning hours in Las Vegas. With DJ’s spinning progressive house music into the early hours, don’t be surprised if your after hours ambitions continue until noon. In Las Vegas, Drais is the champion of after hours but the second coming of Drais Hollywood is not comparable. At Drais Hollywood its lights out by 3am, most will have gone to bed and the very hardcore afte hours patron will be at a private mansion somewhere dry humping someone that is half asleep.

After Hours

Convincing your friends to seek out an after hours club can be daunting. Though they do not want o let you down, they usually are ready for bed. But once you make it inside an after hours club, the pumping bass line will revamp your energies and second winds, as you surround yourself with the nocturnal crowd looking to leave when most of us are usually a few hours into our morning routines.

The after hours crowd creates a different energy than the kind that you’ve felt most of the night. I believe it’s the energy felt when you know that you’ve hit the last dance floor of your adventure this evening. It’s a feeling of celebration knowing that the sun is up and you’re with a crowd of people that don’t want it to end! The great thing about this feeling is that it’s totally obvious to all after hours patrons in the place. A shared “we don’t care about the morning light” mentality that supplies your revamped power to dance stronger and party harder!

In Los Angeles, the main Hollywood after hours club is Avalon Hollywood, entry fee is $35 regardless if you are a girl, a guy, a model or an alien. There is no alcohol but if your after hours power can stay until 6am, so does the music.